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One block East of Federal Hwy, directly across Target and the Coral Ridge Mall
2502 E. Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale

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Dr. Bascome is a real doctor, not a businessman

I have two son are wearing ortho-K glasses. My older son gets his first glasses to work right away. But not for my younger son. After trying two more glasses and still did not work. My wife and I are giving up. But Dr. Bascome insist on trying one more time with new technology to see if it works. The 2nd day when my son got up and told me it is 7:10 am (our digital watch is in microwave and very small. He never able to see it before) We are extremely happy and excited. Not stop there. Dr. Bascome order another glasses for my son Because it did not get the best result. We really appreciate Dr. Bascome’s patient and insistence. if not that my son will still wear glasses every day. Most important. all three extra glasses are free of charge!

I have a short conversation with Dr. Bascome and know he grew up in this area and is reall wants to serve the community and help kids get rid of glasses. He is a real doctor, not a businessman which is very rare to find in this area. I will highly recommend him.

Dr. Bascome is a very skilled and professional individual

I have been going to Dr. Klein for many years. My particular case is very complicated. I underwent a procedure called radial keratotomy about 25 years ago when the procedure was still in its infancy. The procedure ended up causing scar tissue to form and left my cornea to misshapen. My vision actually ended up being worse than it was before the procedure. After that, I went to multiple doctors for glasses or any contact lenses that would help, but none were able to help me due to the extensive damage that had already been done. Dr. Klein was the only one who didn’t give up. He is a very skilled and professional individual. He was able to fit me with custom-made lenses that have given me 20/20 vision. Throughout my journey with Dr. Klein and his office. I have experienced nothing but superb service from him and his staff. I highly recommend him for any of your eye care needs.