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Progressive Lenses

progressive diagramReferred to as "no-line" bifocals or trifocals, progressive glasses are ideal for patients who have presbyopia —a vision condition marked by a decrease in the ability to focus sharply on nearby objects.

As we age naturally, our ability to see nearby objects and objects in the distance can decrease. Progressive lenses address separate visual needs in one lens—usually with a “distance viewing” field build into the upper portion of the lens, and a “near vision” field built into the lower portion.

Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals, there are no visible lines separating the different fields of a progressive lens. Your eyes are seen clearly behind the progressive eyeglasses, you’ve got the same “look” as eyeglass wearers often half your age, and there are no “lens lines” to distract your vision.

Progressive Addition Lenses

New designs of these "invisible" bifocals are easier to adapt to and provide a continuous range of vision from far into near without the need for lines in your glasses. Progressive lenses come in thin designs and Transitions photochromatic styles. We use only the highest quality progressive lens designs available, which provide the optimum vision performance for our patients.

The newest development in progressive lenses is fabrication via back surface digital technologies. This exciting development allows our laboratories to customize each lens prescription according to the unique individual needs of the patient’s prescription. We instruct our lab to digitally etch the patient’s prescription on the rear surface of the lens in such as way as to maximize visual performance for that individual patient. The result is a lens design that provides sharper vision and a wider and more useful lens area from edge to edge of the lens. Our patients have reported dramatic improvements in adaptation and vision function with these new lens designs.

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