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Who Are Scleral Lenses For?

Scleral lenses are specialty custom design contact lenses that provide the vision quality of rigid lenses the with the comfort quality of soft lenses, available by prescription from your optometrist.

sclelral lenses, ortho-kPatients with high prescriptions or with corneal diseases such as Keratoconus or Pellucid are good candidates for Scleral lenses. Additionally, anyone with status post refractive surgery complications, graft vs host disease, or dry eyes are all patients who should consider Scleral lenses.

Scleral lenses vary in size and technical design. Recently they have become available in multifocal designs, opening these lenses up to a wider audience.

The most underutilized therapy of Scleral lenses are for dry eye patients. This is a fantastic option for helping the millions of dry eye sufferers throughout the country, many who go without treatment at all, or just use over the counter drops, which are of limited value and effectiveness. While new products for dry eyes have received much publicity lately, Scleral lenses remains an effective treatment for this very common eye condition.

scleral lenses, kerataconusFinally, Scleral lenses are typically covered by most vision vision insurance. However, this varies depending on the insurance and individual plan.

To see if you are a candidate for Scleral lenses, or to schedule a fitting, schedule an appointment today with one of our eye doctors.