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Dry Eye Sufferers Rejoice: 3 Effective Ways to Find Relief

Dry EyeWhen you suffer from dry eyes, all you want is relief – fast!  

Dry eyes, often called dry eye syndrome (DES) make your eyes feel parched, itchy, red, and irritated, and it can feel like sand is stuck in your eyes. While some cases of dry eyes are mild, dry eye syndrome can cause blurry vision and sometimes even corneal scarring if not treated effectively  

At Broward Eye Care in Ft. Lauderdale, we diagnose and treat dry eye symptoms. Here are some at-home tips to manage your dry eye discomfort in conjunction with your dry eye treatments. 

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome and What Causes It?

When the eyes stop making high-quality tears, or when they stop making enough tears altogether, it causes the eyes to feel dry, gritty and uncomfortable. 

This is known as dry eye syndrome. It’s quite a common problem and can be triggered by prolonged use of digital devices, some medical conditions and medications, being in a dry or windy environment, and aging. 

Although DES might seem minor, it can actually lead to serious vision issues if not treated promptly.  

Follow these tips to reduce and manage your dry eye symptoms:

#1 Reduce Screen Time

Cutting down on screen time is key for preventing and reducing dry eye syndrome. 

This is because staring at screens for long periods of time makes you blink less often.  Blinking spreads tears across the surface of the eye, so the less you blink, the drier the eyes become.    

Remember to take frequent breaks every 20 minutes by looking into the distance (at least 20 feet away) for 20 seconds. This is known as the 20-20-20 rule, and it can help reduce the dryness, redness, and discomfort associated with dry eye. Also, closing your eyes for a minute or 2 helps replenish the tear film.

#2 Refrain From Smoking and Drinking

Certain habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol, can dry out your eyes. 

If you suffer from dry eyes, it’s best to completely avoid smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

This is because smoke and the dehydrating effects of liquor can trigger dry eye symptoms.

#3 Exercise Regularly

Exercise boosts blood circulation, which helps the eyes function at a more optimal level. Increased blood flow nourishes the eyes by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to them, thus reducing dry eye symptoms.

So make sure you get some exercise every day, as per your doctor’s recommendations.

Book A Dry Eye Doctor in Ft. Lauderdale

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by a number of things, so understanding the underlying cause is crucial. At Broward Eye Care in Ft. Lauderdale we get to the bottom of your dry eye symptoms and provide treatment for your specific case of dry eyes. Contact us today. 

Our practice serves patients from Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation, Pompano Beach, and Oakland Park, Florida and surrounding communities.

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